'Premium quality always guaranteed'
'Premium quality always guaranteed'

                 Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is cultivated only once a year in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.


There are thousands of varieties of rice available across the globe, but Basmati is sometimes called the Prince of rice. It has rightly earned this reputation for its long and slender aromatic grain, its superb fragrance and its cooking properties, which after cooking produces delicious aromatic and fluffy rice.

Cultivation & Harvesting

In the Punjab region primitive methods for cultivating and harvesting are still practised, although an increasing number of farmers are starting to use modern machinery. The fields are prepared by:

  • Ploughing - usually with a simple plough drawn by water buffalo, or modern machinery, ploughing breaks up the soil.

  • fertilised - Naturally fertilised

  • Smoothing - Where either a log is dragged over the field to smooth the earth, or by the use of modern machinery giving a smooth bed for the seedlings to be planted on and this ensures that the water depth is equal.

Seedlings are started in beds and a after a period of 30 -50 days are transplanted by hand to fields which have been flooded by rain or river water. The seedlings are often placed a hand span apart. During the growing season, irrigation is maintained by dike controlled channels or by hand watering. The fields are drained before cutting of the crop commences. 


Product Procurement

The quest to market best basmati begins with seed selection. Selection and purchase of pure healthy and top grade paddy is critically important to guarantee best quality basmati rice. We and our selected milling partners manage a strong network of supply chain in the areas Gujranwala, Sialkot, Narang Mandi, Kamoke, within the belt of Punjab known for high quality basmati paddy.



The acquired product undergoes rigorous quality control checks prior to reaching our carefully selected partners warehouse and milling facility. The grains are selected and matched with the specific originating land specifics, verifying the species, edges, grain length, aroma, colour, moisture content and samples drawn randomly from each lot are also checked for cooking characteristics.


Maturation to further improve quality

Basmati acquires better cooking characteristics and stronger aroma when matured over a period of nine months to a year. It is therefore critical that the rice is properly matured before processing.


Stocks of rice are placed in warehouses that have been constructed specifically to store rice under hygienic conditions. During the maturation period, stocks are subjected to periodic inspection and fumigation from time to time under expert supervision for protection against infestation by organisms.  


Rice Processing steps

The milling facility utilise the latest state of the art technology and machinery, which has been installed by a European based company. The use of this technology ensures that the Basmati retains all the goodness that nature has given it.


All systems employed in the milling process follow ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards and HACCP for Control over critical points and food safety measures.


After the rice has been harvested, it is threshed to loosen the hulls and is screened to remove stones, loose chaff, paddy stalks ( part of the plant) and dust.

The selected paddy is then allowed to slowly dry until it achieves optimum moisture content for husking. Gradual drying helps to avoid thermal cracks in the rice grain that would later result in the grain breaking.

The outer husk is removed next, but the bran layer is left intact, this forms brown rice. The rice is then cleaned and graded.


If the brown rice is to be sold as white rice it then proceeds to the mill where it undergoes milling, an abrasive action which removes the bran layer surrounding the rice grain.


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