'Premium quality always guaranteed'
'Premium quality always guaranteed'



For generations the family of the founding member have been involved in the cultivation, harvesting and sale of premium quality cereal in the Punjab. In the last 50 years they have also been involved in sourcing similar premium grade basmati and non basmati rice from other farmers in the Punjab and making them available across the Asian subcontinent.
To allow others beyond the shores of the Asian subcontinent to enjoy this unique culinary experience, Elmas Food launched their premium grade high quality brand onto the UK market. 
Since its launch, Elmas has grown in popularity and has become widely known for 
its superior quality, cooking properties, guaranteeing grain with the fluffiest texture, sensational aroma and taste.
It is popular not only amongst an ever increasing number of consumers with discerning palates, but also amongst chefs in many ethnic restaurants.



Here at ELMAS FOOD we recognize that the community and the environment are equally as responsible for the growth and success of our organization. To ensure that this continues long term, we help our farmers to improve productivity by making use of the natural resources more efficiently, utilising green sustainable farming processes and to reduce their carbon foot-print.

Our primary aim is to deliver premium high quality basmati and non basmati rice at an affordable price across the globe.

“We are proud to be supplying premium grade high quality basmati and non basmati  rice across the whole of the United Kingdom.”


''For our customers peace of mind all our basmati rice has been DNA profiled in the laboratory to confirm that it is pure basmati.''


“We promise to deliver rice of the highest possible quality at the most 
competitive price.”

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